Yesterday in a Nutshell: Unveiling Malaysians’ Experience and Satisfaction of Visiting Museums

Goh Poh Jin, Fitriya Abdul Rahim, Mahendra Kumar, Zufara Arneeda Zulfakar
Faculty of Accountancy and Management, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia


Museums started as a place to preserve history and heritage and have grown to provide a space for cultural sharing and providing prodigious experiences to the visitors. Such experience influences satisfaction which in turn will invite more visitors to the museums. This is vital in ensuring the sustainability of the industry as the younger generation tends to turn away from visiting museums. In studying the matter, The Experience Economy Theory (EET) is applied to understand the experiences obtained by the museum visitors, which affects their satisfaction level as well as the moderating effect of personality. This study employs quantitative analysis with the use of PLS-SEM software. Aesthetics and entertainment showed a significant relationship in influencing the satisfaction level of museum visitors in Malaysia. Museums should be focusing on these elements to improve the values of museums beyond just providing information to visitors in hopes of not only preserving the items of heritage but also preserving the museum-going culture in the future.

Keywords: Experience, Malaysia, Marketing, Museum, Satisfaction