Understanding the Drivers of Passengers’ Intention to Engage in Digital Multi-Sided Ridesharing Platforms: Moderating Impact of Openness to Experience and Perceived Risk

Dewan Mehrab Ashrafi
ULAB School of Business, University of Liberty Arts Bangladesh

Noor E Zannat Rubina Easmin
School of Business & Economics, United International University

Rabiul Hossain Dovash
School of Business Administration, East Delta University


This study examines the effect of consumers’ value and risk perceptions on non-users’ willingness to use digital multisided ride-sharing applications. The determinants of perceived value and risk have been analysed as secondorder constructs, constituting their first-order value and risk dimensions. Following a quantitative approach, responses were collected from 339 participants using convenience sampling method. PLS-SEM was performed and findings indicated that perceived value and risk had significant effects on non-users’ willingness to avail ride-sharing services. This study also highlighted that openness to experience and perceived risk showed a significant moderating effect on the relationship between perceived value and users’ willingness to adopt ride-sharing services. The findings provide robust insights for market experts, entrepreneurs, and policymakers on understanding the key drivers of non-users’ adoption of ride-sharing services and how to adopt innovation to make multi-sided platforms reliable and accessible through policy reformations.

Keywords: Perceived risk, Ride-sharing, Perceived value, Sharing economy, Personality