To Grab or not to Grab?: Passenger Ride Intention towards E-Hailing Services

Boon-Chui Teo
Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Muhamad Azimulfadli Mustaffa, Amir Iqbal Mohd Rozi


The introduction of e-hailing or ride-sharing services in Malaysia has revolutionized the personal transportation industry. However, early adopters were skeptical and unsure on acceptance of such services due to issues including lack of regulatory control, driver credibility, competition and resistance from conventional taxi drivers. E-hailing was unheard until recently and this is a new area of study to understand passenger ride perception and behavior. Hence, this study aims to determine factors influencing passenger ride intention towards e-hailing. Methodology utilised data collected through personal interviews with the manager of an e-hailing company. Self-administered and online surveys on 200 respondents selected via convenience sampling were conducted. Analysis using Smart PLS generated findings on perceived price, safety, convenience, accessibility and content marketing as significant factors in predicting passenger ride intention. Implications in terms of passenger safety on policy making to authorities and e-hailing companies are discussed as major concerns in this relatively new hail and ride service.

Keywords: E-hailing, Ride-sharing, Passenger ride intention, Perceived price, Accessibility, Safety, Content marketing, Convenience