The Social Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Culture among Youth in Elderly Care

Mohd Shakir Zufayri Shuhaimi, Khadijah Alavi, Daniella Maryam Mohamed Mokhtar
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia



This study investigates the factors and strategies that empower youth involvement in social entrepreneurship within the elderly care setting. It employs a qualitative design with a phenomenological approach. The purposive sampling method was adopted to interview youths aged between 18 and 30 and elderly service providers aged 30 to 50 years and above. The results indicated that the main factors driving youth involvement in social entrepreneurship in the elderly care setting include experience, awareness, skills, and financial capital as sub-themes. The strategies for empowering and generating income among youths in social entrepreneurship in elderly care settings refer to the education system, promotion through government programs, free training courses, and financial support. This study can also provide insights into the country’s preparation in terms of human capital development, aiming to enhance the well-being of the elderly and the career involvement of youth in providing sustainable elderly care services and facilities.

Keywords:  social entrepreneurship, income generating, youth, elderly care