The Journey of Halal Tourism Marketing in Two Neighboring Destinations

Aam Bastaman
Graduate Management Program, Trilogi University

Faridah Hj. Hassan
Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School, Universiti Teknologi MARA


Halal tourism marketing is growing rapidly in the world of Muslim tourism destinations in particular in Indonesia and Malaysia. Each neighboring country claim as the best halal destination and the most attractive and resourceful of halal tourism. In term of market characteristic both countries have similarity in nature despite there are some differentiated uniqueness and specialties. The challenge is that both countries are close neighbors offering similar competing value of service, so it is felt that the situation is in a very tight competition and rivalries. With the spirit of brotherhood, it should be explored the potential and the advantage of collaboration instead of focusing on rivalry and competition. This research aims firstly to analysis each market journey of halal tourism marketing: ideas, practices, challenges and opportunities, second, to compare and analysis marketing efforts and programs of halal tourism marketing in the two neighboring countries, and third, to analysis the potential of cooperation between the two neighboring countries to maximize its objective achievements and outputs. The method of research is qualitative research approach based on the use and analysis of literature review. Primary data obtained through in depth interview with selected informants. The use of huge secondary data through the previous research and relevant publications are made, collected and studied for deep analysis. Data analysis is made by interpreting interview result and deep analyzing of secondary data available from various resources for the paper discussion and making conclusion. Result of study indicates that halal tourism marketing in each market Indonesia and Malaysia has its own ideas, practices, challenges and opportunities. Even though in both countries Islamic religion is dominant however, there are some unique differences which reflect uniqueness of each market. Indeed, there are huge potentials of cooperation open to support halal tourism marketing in each country. Eventually, cooperation will widen the market and add to market attractiveness. With the spirit of ASEAN in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) era cooperation effort is hoped to benefit both country rather than competition. Implication of the research is discussed and suggestion for future research is highly recommended.

Keywords: Halal tourism marketing, Indonesia-Malaysia, Rivalries, Collaboration, Muslim tourists