The Jakarta Male Gaze: Masculinity and Skincare Preferences Unveiled

Roozbeh Babolian Hendijani
Miranda Tanjung

Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia



The prevalence of males using skincare products continues to rise, while the potential market of male skincare consumers has been overlooked. Only some studies have focused on males’ purchase and usage of skincare products, which still needs to be researched, particularly in developing countries such as Indonesia. This study explores the factors influencing males in using skincare products supported by the Theory of planned behavior. Questionnaires were distributed to 200 male skincare users in the Greater Jakarta area. The survey results were analyzed using the PLS-SEM method. This study found that self-image and social expectation influence intention, leading to skincare product use. This study also revealed that attention to skin health has an insignificant impact on the intention and usage of skincare products. The study’s findings provide insights to the marketers of male skincare products in identifying which factors are connected to male customers and create or increase the demand for male skincare products. This study’s findings also assist skincare product marketers and manufacturers in Indonesia or globally in devising a comprehensive product and marketing strategy focusing on male consumers.

Keywords:  Indonesia, Male, Metrosexual, Skincare, Theory of planned behavior