The Influences of Brand Equity On Consumers’ Perception: A Case Study On Beko

Lau Shu Chui
Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Roslan Mohd Rose
Asia Graduate School of Business, UNITAR International University


The aim of this research is to increase understanding of brand equity dimensions on existing customer of Malaysia Beko. It seeks to investigate the influence of these variables on consumers’ perception using data collection from Beko Company customers in Malaysia. The findings of the various dimensions of brand equity and their impact on consumer perceptions are presented. This is a quantitative research that conducts exploratory factor analysis and multiple linear regressions to test the relationship between the dimensions of brand equity perceived by consumers with SPSS software (version 23). Hence, this paper seeks to determine the relationships between each dimension of brand equity and customers’ perception. Findings revealed that all the variables used to measure brand equity have significant effects on consumers’ perception. Managerial implications are addressed in the conclusion and recommendations section.

Keywords: Brand equity, Brand awareness, Brand association, Perceived quality, Brand image, Beko, Consumers’ perception