The Influence Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty In TMpoint In Malaysia

Noor Azlina Mohamed Yunus, Maimunah Mohd Shah, Norol Hamiza Zamzuri Rozilah Abdul Aziz, Idaya Husna Mohd
Faculty of Business and Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA


In the era of intense competition, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are the most important outcomes of marketing. Both elements serve various stages of consumer buying behavior. Excellent service quality has become a major corporate goal as more companies gradually struggle for quality products and services. Therefore, this study aims to determine the influence of service quality on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in TMpoint. The data were gathered through the distribution of questionnaires. SPSS was used to conduct correlation and multiple regression analyses on 279 cases. The respondents were the customers who visited and used the products or services of this company. The results revealed that there was a significant relationship (p = < 0.01 ) between service quality and customer satisfaction. However, there was no significant influence between responsiveness and customer satisfaction. Further result indicated a significant relationship between service quality and customer loyalty. The most influencial factor on customer loyalty was assurance and followed by reliability and tangibles. This TMpoint is recommended to strategize approaches to satisfy customers’ needs, and to adopt action-oriented approach.

Keywords: Customer satisfaction, Customer loyalty, Service quality, TMpoint