The Impact of Social Media on Online Purchasing Behaviour of Consumers: An Empirical Study of Youth in West Bengal, India

Ritwik Maity, Sukjeet Kaur Sandhu
Faculty of Business Communication & Law, INTI International University


The objective of this research is to examine the effect of social media on customer online shopping activity and the intention to buy online in West Bengal, India. To this point, a questionnaire was used as a method to collect primary data from individuals in West Bengal using the probability sampling method that is simple random sampling. The total number of responses collected from individuals using the online questionnaire was 370 out of 100 million individuals living in West Bengal, India. Factor analysis is used to indicate the inter-correlation of independent variables and dependent variables. The Kaiser Mayer Olkin (KMO) value of the variables indicated 0.890, which is in the meritorious category, and the findings indicate that there is a significant relationship between the behavioural factors of societal influence, product preference, variety availability, convenience, and consumer purchase intention. Multiple regression analysis shows that societal influence, product preference, variety availability, and convenience have a positively impact on the consumer’s online purchase intention. According to a multi-regression analysis, 71% percent of individual purchase intentions through online social media impact can be explained by social influence, product preference, variety availability and convenience in West Bengal, India. In addition, recommendations for future studies are made in this research.

Keywords: Online shopping, Social media, Purchasing intention, Societal influence, Product preference, Variety availability, Convenience