The Effects of Malaysian Consumer’s Emotions on Attitude Towards Mobile Advertising of Cosmetic Products

Shaizatulaqma Kamalul Ariffin, Tan Mee Lee, Ainul Mohsein Abdul Mohsin
Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia


The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between positive emotions (happiness, contentment, pride), negative emotions (sadness, fear, shame), and the attitudes of consumers towards positive and negative appeals in mobile advertising of cosmetics. Two stages of experiments were conducted. Firstly, selecting and validating two advertisements that emit positive and negative emotions. Secondly, examining the effects of positive and negative emotions on consumer attitudes towards positive and negative appeals in advertising. Quantitative analysis was used to test the hypotheses. A total of 338 respondents participated in an online survey, and data were quantitatively analysed via PLS-SEM. The findings show that positive emotions have significant positive effects on attitudes towards the positive appeal. Meanwhile, the negative emotions have significant negative effects on attitudes towards the negative appeal. This study also revealed negative emotions influence positive attitudes towards negative appeals. Advertisers may enhance their advertising effectiveness by embedding positive and negative emotions.

Keywords: Attitude toward mobile advertising, Contentment, Emotions, Fear, Happiness, Pride, Sadness, Shame