The Effect Of Manager’s Ecological Concern And Firm’s Sustainable Green Practices

Peter Yacob
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Woong Lai Soon


Despite decades of research, the motivations that drive managers to engage in pro-ecological behaviour remained uncertain. The complex nature of manager‟s ecological concern and other forms of pro-environmental behaviour poses a challenge in explaining and predicting the sustainable green practice. This study examines the degree to which value-belief-norm framework in explaining engagement in sustainable green practices with the mediating effects of manager‟s ecological concern. A questionnaire-based survey was used to collect data from 260 SMEs manufacturing firms. The data collected was analysed by employing Structural Equation Modelling. Results indicated that ecological values and ecological beliefs have significant positive effect on firm‟s sustainable green practices, but such effects were not shown by ecological norms. Furthermore, manager‟s ecological concern found to mediate the relationship between the two ecological concern factors (i.e. Ecological values and ecological beliefs) and firm‟s sustainable green practices. These results suggested that managers‟ ecological behaviour is a critical component in achieving firm‟s sustainable green practices apart from ecological concern factors.

Keywords: Ecological orientation, Sustainable green practices, Manager‟s ecological concern