Single Mother in The Digital Economy: Stimulating Entrepreneurship & Covid-19 Challenges

Noorhaslinda Kulub Abd. Rashid, Suriyani Muhamad, Nor Ermawati Hussain, Noor Haslina Mohamad Akhir, Nizam Ahmat, Yulita
Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Development, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu


Empowering women is a prerequisite for a healthy nation and robust economic performance. This vision poses huge challenges to developing female entrepreneurs, especially single-mother entrepreneurs. Single mothers are the breadwinners for their family and are often responsible for accommodating the needs of family members. The paper aims to identify the tendency of single mothers to become successful entrepreneurs. Using a quantitative design, surveys were conducted with 521 female entrepreneurs with online businesses. Expensive technology and the lack of relevant knowledge and skills in using digital tools are among the leading constraints single-mothers face in growing their business. Findings showed that single mother entrepreneurs who use internet applications in their business tend to have a high level of skill and high motivation in digital entrepreneurship world. For inclusive growth, it is critical to increasing women’s participation in business and the global marketplace by developing their capacity to fully participate in the digital economy. The effects of COVID-19 which hit for two years gave a lot of lessons and experience to women entrepreneurs to continue trying to face the current economic challenges with full tenacity and patience. The government has provided training to increase knowledge and skills to improve the economy of single mothers as provided by the Women’s Department and Department of Social Welfare.

Keywords: Women entrepreneurship, Single mother, Digital economy, Entrepreneurial tendency, Barriers