Shari’ah Compliant Spa Practices In Malaysia

Siti Farah Aliya Abdul Halim, Farah Ayuni Mohd Hatta
GRA, International Islamic University Malaysia


There is an increasing demand for spa products and services due to the increase in the need for a state of wellness which includes physical, mental and social well-being (WHO, no date). In Malaysia, this phenomenon has triggered concerns among Muslim consumers of the issue of whether or not going to the spa is permitted in Islam and whether or not the products offered to Muslim consumers are Halal in nature. This article focuses on the issue of spa practices and what are the criteria that needs to be adhered to in order to ensure these products and services are Shari‟ah compliant and suitable for Muslim use. In doing so, this article is divided into four parts. The first part explains Islam‟s general position on the usage of beauty and personal care products. This then leads to the second part which examines the concept of Maqasid Shari‟ah and explains its relation with Halal Spa products. The third part continues to explore how the Shari‟ah compliant spa concept, treatments, and products could be realized in Malaysia. Finally, the article concludes by proposing principles that could be adopted by the Government in order to ensure that companies supplying these products strictly comply with the proper Shari‟ah requirements.

Keywords: Spa, Halal, Wellness in Islam, Shari‟ah compliant spa, Maqasid Shari‟ah