Role Of Local Authorities In Promoting Muslim Friendly Sport Facilities

Muhammad Irhammudin Ibrahim
GRA, International Islamic University Malaysia


Malaysia aspires to maintain its position as the number one tourist destination for Muslim Friendly Hospitality Services. Sports and recreational activities, although, is not typically a subject discussed as a tourism product such as hotels, tours, tourist packages and services, actually has the potential to draw tourism into Malaysia. Malaysia, being a progressive Muslim dominated country, with active participation in global sports, could woo Muslims from other countries to optimise the sports events and facilities available in Malaysia. The remaining issue is whether our sports and recreational activities are in line with the needs of the Muslims or in other words Muslim Friendly. This article examines the concept of Muslim Friendly Sports and Recreational Activities and analyses whether our sports and recreational activities are in compliance with the requirements of Muslim Friendly Hospitality Services.

Keywords: Sports and recreational activities, Muslim friendly sports facilities, Sports tourism