1Stage 1: Journal Management Platform SubmissionAuthors must register and upload the required documents on MAJCAFE’s journal management platform.
2Stage 2: Editorial Desk review
The co-author submits the manuscript to the following email address: majcafe.deskreview@gmail.com. The chief editor (CE) reviews the manuscript at this stage.   The CE ensures that the manuscript is suitable for the journal and is sufficiently novel and engaging. The research must also reflect methodological rigour and advance the well-being of consumer and family economics. If not, the work may be dismissed without further consideration.   The editorial desk selection process is within a month after submission.
3Assign Managing Editor (ME) for the review processThe CE will screen the manuscript for plagiarism. Manuscript that is free from plagiarism will be assigned to the ME to proceed with the review process.

*MAJCAFE takes plagiarism as a serious matter.
4Assign Senior Associate Editor (SAE) or Associate Editor (AE) to invite reviewersThe ME assigns SAE/AE to the manuscript and collaborates with them to invite suitable reviewers.  
5Start review processA minimum of two appointed independent expert reviewers will review the manuscript.
6Journal Assesses the ReviewsThe ME evaluates all returning reviews before concluding; the editor may invite an additional reviewer if the evaluations differ significantly.   MAJCAFE exercises a double-blind peer-review process. However, if CE in discussion with the ME finds that one review is substantial, the CE decides on the manuscript.
7Disclosing the REJECTED ManuscriptThe editor sends the author an email with the decision and any pertinent reviewer comments. The REJECTED manuscript is dismissed without further consideration.
8Assigning Technical EditorThe ME assigns the technical editor (TE) to review the ACCEPTED manuscript for language—clarity, punctuation, grammar, content, and others. TE then provides recommendations if the manuscript requires professional language editing.
10Disclosing the ACCEPTED ManuscriptThe editor sends the author an email with the decision, including the comments by the reviewers and the technical editor for revision and corrections. The author is required to submit the revised manuscript within the stipulated time.
9Revised ManuscriptThe ME will do a follow-up review or with the assistance of the reviewer if required.
10Acceptance LetterThe ME will email the manuscript that has completed the revision an acceptance letter, copyright form, and publication fees payment details.   *The completion of this process up to this stage may take up to six months, depending on the reviewers’ response and the authors’ revision.
11Production StageThe manuscript gets into the production stage once the author emails the proof of payment and signed copyright form. The Final draft manuscript is emailed to the author for final approval before publication.   *The completion of this process up to this stage may take up to two months
12PublicationThe manuscript is published, and a publication notification email is sent to the author.
13IndexingThe published articles are sent to indexing bodies for indexing. The time frame for indexing entirely depends on the indexing body and is beyond the control of MAJCAFE.