Perception of Direct-To-Consumer Pharmaceutical Drug Advertising in Nigeria

Kolade Ajilore, Omolola T. Ojo
Department of Mass Communication, Babcock University

Kevin Onyenankeya
Department of Communication, University of Fort Hare


The utilisation of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical drug advertising (DCPDA) continues to elicit divergent views within the healthcare community. Therefore, this study examined the relationship between DCPDA and certain indicators of public perception such as awareness, knowledge, attitude, and behaviour concerning advertised pharmaceutical substance. The findings revealed that exposure to pharmaceutical drug advertising increased respondent awareness, knowledge, attitude, and behaviour towards issues of their healthcare. They suggested that pharmaceutical companies with huge financial resources could engender a high purchase behaviour by maintaining high media visibility. This could translate into a high level of brand awareness, high perceived knowledge, and positive attitude, thereby reflecting in favourable purchase behaviour.

Keywords: Consumer perception, Drug advertising, Pharmaceutical companies, Purchasing behavior