Innovation in Business with Social Cohesion and Interpersonal Trust

Wan Edura Wan Rashid
Institute of Business Excellence, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Norfadzilah Abd Razak
Faculty Business and Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Saunah Zainon
Faculty of Accountancy, Universiti Teknologi MARA


Inspiring to transform innovation into wealth offers a broad range of advantages, including research and development (R&D) coordination, investment, exploiting synergies, complementing science and technological capacities, and enhancing labour mobility. However, the practice of innovation is most challenging for the organization. Innovation could not work individually, but they need support from the entire of the organization and systems. Lack of collaboration and cooperation have detrimental the effectiveness of innovation. It implies the social cohesion, interpersonal trust and feeling of uncertainty to the risk of the innovation. Therefore, the element of social cohesion and interpersonal trust predict to improve and strengthen the collaboration and cooperation in the organization. Hence, this study aimed to investigate the fundamental of social cohesion and the significance of social cohesion and interpersonal trust 50 companies that presented by the employees. The survey conducted to 150 of employees, and the data collection further been analyzed using Partial Least Square (PLS). The finding revealed there was a positive and significant relationship between social cohesion and interpersonal trust. This study implies to the organization to minimize the gap of social cohesion and enhance the interpersonal trust that will result in meaningful collaboration.

Keywords: Social cohesion, Interpersonal trust, Organizational behavior