Hypothesising the Effect of Social Media Influencer Roles, Credibility and Advertising Values on Attitude and Brand Love

Nor Azri Sharizal Abu Bakar
Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Rosidah Musa
Institute of Business Excellence,, Universiti Teknologi MARA


As social media plays a vital role in mass communication, more effective advertising strategies are now being developed through it. Influencer marketing in social media is another new strategic area yet to be explored by researchers. Despite its emergence as a popular platform for creating brand awareness, however, very little research delves into this research area. Therefore, this paper aims to develop a conceptual framework that hypothesises the effect of social media influencer and advertising value on attitude and brand love, specifically in the context of Malaysia’s national car. This paper highlighted the importance of the roles and credibility of social media influencer as ‘user specific effect’ which are predicted to influence consumer attitude. In addition, the social media advertising values, which refer as ‘content effect’ also play essential roles in shaping the consumer attitude. Both effects are measured for their relationship with a consumer attitude towards social media video and as well as consumer attitude towards the selected brands, which at the end affecting brand love. The study will specifically refer to Malaysia’s pioneer national automotive brand, namely ‘PROTON’ social media advertisement. The result of the study is also expected to expand the scope of social media influencer and consumer attitude on social media content to enhance the marketing strategy for consumer brands.

Keywords: Social media influencer, Advertising value, Consumer attitude, Brand love, Automotive brand