Halal Rabbit Slaughtering Process for Muslim Consumption: A Case Study

Amal Hayati Ishak, Rafeah Saidon, Zulaipa Ruzulan, Sharifah Fadylawaty Syed Abdullah, Nurzahidah Jaapar
Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Aisyaturridha Abdullah
Malaysian Rabbit Breeders Association


The segment of Muslim consumption has become a worldwide effort as it opens up vast economic opportunities. For instance, due to the rapid growth of Muslim population and the increasing awareness towards quality and hygienic meat, the demand of halal meat is also gradually booming around the globe. At present, comprehensive procedures of halal meat have been endorsed by various halal certification bodies for poultry and livestock animals. Nevertheless, similar procedure for rabbits has been limitedly discussed despite the fact of its increasing demand in the market, for both Muslims and non-Muslim consumers as well. Therefore, this research study filled the gap by elaborating on the step-by-step procedure for a halal rabbit slaughtering process, applicable for a halal slaughterhouse which targets the Muslim consumers. Employing a case study analysis via participant observation, this article reports the proper and systematic practice of a halal rabbit slaughtering process. Finally, this article proposes three Halal Critical Points (HCPs) for rabbit slaughterhouses.

Keywords: Halal Assurance System (HAS), Halal Critical Control Points (HCCP), Rabbit slaughtering, Rabbit meat, Slaughterhouse