Halal Lifestyle Industry, High Growth and Attractive Investment in Indonesia

Sapta Nirwandar
Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Padjajaran


Indonesia is a nation with religious majority of Islamic population. According to Statistics Indonesia (2017), 87.2% from the total of resident of religious Indonesia are Islam or 12.9% from the total of Muslim in World, it means the number of Muslim in Indonesia is the highest of nations in World with number reaching 202.9 million people. The data open the opportunity for tourism. Present condition is now indicating that Indonesia is a nation with number of populations of world largest Muslim. The problem finds to Indonesian Muslim’s that halal is unconsciously required as it is globally required. That’s way many of Indonesian people considered that’s halal is already usual in their daily life. This condition under positive perception all products is already halal. in other way many products of circulating foods and beverages in Indonesia not with halal label. The three mentioned facts are one of its slow cause awareness of public the legitimacy of halal products in Indonesia. Whereas, this is the obligation of producer or company to register its product to protect the consumer of non-halal product. While foreign tourist of Muslim over the world had formed segment of potential market, because of their special pattern in consuming the lawful product. Research used the approach of mixed of method because combination between quantitative and qualitative approach will produce the better understanding. Approach mixed of methods of researches aim to overcome the weaknesses of the quantitative approach and the qualitative approaches. Specifically, reason of researcher uses the approach of mixed of methods in this research, because it produces a number of recommendations as an effort of improvement of planning for development of behavior of Muslim of urban in consuming the halal product. Besides plan of act that is suggested as result of research in the form of responsibility to protect and guarantee of lawful food for Muslim community. However, nowadays these conditions begin to change Indonesian Muslim start to bring halal even in their daily lifestyle.

Keywords: Halal lifestyle, Indonesian muslim, Halal products