Factors Influencing Consumers’ Attitudes and Intentions Towards Online Shopping – A Survey of a Sample of Consumers in Algeria

Nassira Alit
University Abd El Hamid Mehri-Constantine 2, Algeria
Driss Mazouzi
University Mohamed El Bachir El Ibrahimi of Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria

DOI: https://doi.org/10.60016/majcafe.v31.29


Continuous technological development has changed consumers’ online purchasing behaviours. In developing countries, online retailers face challenges as they try to promote e-commerce and convince people to shop online. To achieve this, these merchants must strive to understand these behaviours and adapt to them. So, it is appropriate for us as researchers to study the factors that achieve this. This study aims to identify the factors affecting Algerian consumers’ intention to shop online while considering attitude as a mediating variable.We conducted a survey in Algeria with 293 individuals. We used the convenience sampling method. We analyzed the data using structural equation modelling. The study found that privacy, website design, and attitudes affect people’s intentions to shop online. This study showed the indirect effect of shopping convenience on online purchase intentions mediated by attitudes.The study also confirmed partial mediating roles of attitudes of consumers between (shopping convenience, perceived privacy, website design) and online purchase intention. The study found that the Time-saving factor does not affect attitudes or intentions to purchase online.The current study provides retailers and marketers insight into developing e-business strategies to increase online purchase intentions. Therefore, online retailers need to understand consumers’ intentions and attitudes toward online shopping, analyze the factors influencing them, and seek to change these factors to convince consumers and motivate them to buy.

Keywords:  customer attitudes on online buying; online shopping intention; perceived privacy; shopping convenience; time-saving; web design