Exploring the Contemporary Design Concept of Emerging Muslim Designers of Sarawak: Tapping into the Non-Muslims Market

Sharifah Suzanna Wan Shukran , Aiza Johari
Faculty of Business and Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Azlina Bujang
Faculty of Computer Science, Universiti Teknologi MARA


In the past, only one world fashion system was known by fashion enthusiasts and it was normally dominated by the westerners. Today, due to wider Islamic revival movement which involves more fashionable styles, more and more Muslim fashion designers have emerged and their products are often favored by many from around the globe, both Muslim and non-Muslims consumers. This recent interest in Muslim fashion also signals the changing dynamics of the ever-increasing interaction among Eastern and Western cultures (Hanzaee and Chitzas, 2011). As suggested by Easy (2009), fashion goes through a period of great change; hence proper marketing for managing its growth and change is necessary. Moreover, Miremadi et al. (2010) mentioned that fashion marketing is a profitable field to work on, especially when most Muslims demand for Islamic goods and services. Therefore, this paper will explore the concepts of contemporary Muslim fashion designers in Sarawak and to identify their methods in their attempts to tap into non-Muslim markets. The research method involves open-ended interviews with few budding contemporary Muslim fashion designers in Sarawak whom are identified to be able to penetrate the international market (headgear, clothing and accessories). Their views are transcribed and presented in tabulation forms. The significant findings show that Muslim fashion designers need to constantly study the market and upgrade their products so that they will be able to penetrate into international market successfully.

Keywords: Contemporary, Design concept, Muslim designers, Non-Muslims market