Exploratory Factor Analysis in Determining Consumer Awareness Toward Halal Cosmetics

Zuraidah Derasit, S.Sarifah Radiah Shariff, Nurul Aliyah A.Hamid, Nursyafira Sarwani, Wan Nabilah Syahirah Shaharuddin
Centre for Statistics and Decision Science, Faculty of Computer &
Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA


Halal cosmetic industries have a remarkable capability of driving the Halal economy. Halal products are better for health—based on fact that in view of the Halal requirements, the food industry must handle animals in accordance with Shariah principles which are hygienic and purified. In Malaysia, manufacturers and operators use the Halal logo as a way to inform consumers that their products are Halal compliant. Halal is not only about a brand element, but also part of a belief system and moral code of conduct in our daily living. However, there is no assurance that the customers are fully aware of on the existence of Halal cosmetic products, especially among the younger population. Hence, there is a need to determine the factors that affect the level of awareness among them. This study used exploratory factor analysis (EFA) in determining the possible factors and then the Cronbach’s alpha values were measured to check the reliability for each of the factors. Based on the results of Cronbach’s alpha values, four factors were identified to be influence the level of awareness of young consumers and Malaysians on Halal cosmetics, namely Halal certification (0.782), promotion (0.671), level of belief (0.646) and religiosity (0.615).

Keywords: Cosmetic product, Consumer awareness, Halal, Religious