Driver Behaviours of Road Users in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Mohd Nasir Nawawi, Nizam Ahmat, Hazman Samsudin
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu


Reckless drivers have been identified as the main cause of road accidents in most countries. Malaysia is no exception and has recorded a sharp increase in total vehicle accidents by 93 percent from 2000 to 2015 with an increase in mortality rate by 17 percent. Although various preventive measures had been taken, accident statistics continue to rise every year. This study aims to clustering four behavioural driving of road users in Klang Valley using the instrument of Drivers Behaviour Questionnaires and the relationship these factors had with several drivers‟ characteristics variables. A total of 328 drivers were randomly assigned to complete the survey and the finding shows that 10.7 percent of drivers are likely to behave aggressively and 4.3 percent have the intention or purposely violate the rules. Both groups of driver behaviours are very dangerous to other drivers and this behaviour is seen to be significantly related to gender. Even though the study found that the percentages of drivers who commit aggressive as well as ordinary violations are small, but they are akin to time bombs since they use roads on daily basis to commute to work and social activities.

Keywords: Driver behaviours, Road users, DBQ, Klang Valley