Determining Key Factors that Affect Millennial Indonesians in Using Mobile Financial Services Using Rasch Measurement Scale

Subiakto Soekarno, Indra Yudha Mambea, Milan Malinda Mardiyyah, Marla Setiawati
School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung


This study examines the main factors that affect the millennial generation (Gen-Y) in using mobile financial services in Indonesia using the Rasch measurement scale. Related empirical research in the context of Indonesia is still lacking. This study applies logit regression using the Rasch measurement scale. The proposed model is empirically tested using survey data of 622 selected respondents. By employing Rasch, the principal component analysis of residual shows a level above 40%, which means unidimensionality requirements are satisfied and a person’s reliability score is 0.84. It indicates that our items were good to measure the various ability level of respondents. The regression result shows that perceived usefulness, habit, facilitating condition, and effort expectancy have a significant positive impact on usage behavior. Control variables demonstrate that education (bachelor’s degree) significantly affects Gen-Y users in adopting mobile financial services. The results of this study will be useful not only for banking sectors but also for companies or institutions that intend to make Gen-Y users their target customers and improve their mobile financial services.

Keywords: Millennial generation, Mobile financial services, Rasch measurement scale