Determinants of Online Game Player Loyalty Among Millennials: A PLS- SEM Approach

Sook Fern Yeo, Lim Kah Boon, Wei Sheng Tan
Faculty of Business, Multimedia University

Cheng Ling Tan
Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia


Online game loyalty has become a concern for many companies and game developers since the high competition in the gaming industry. This study aims to determine the influencing factors of online game loyalty. The questionnaires were distributed to 350 respondents using a purposive sampling technique, but only 173 were usable for further analysis. The study finds that social, game challenge, price, and game design factors are the determinants affecting customers’ online game loyalty. The study findings contribute to everyone, such as game developers and marketers. Game developers need to consider these factors to create a competitive edge in this multi-million-dollar industry.

Keywords: Loyalty, Game players, Game challenge, Game design, Malaysia