Counter Teller Services Versus Automated Teller Machine And Cash Deposit Machine: XYZ Depositors Preferences

Syed Jamal Abdul Nasir bin Syed Mohamad
Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Raja Saliza Raja Kahar Amran, Yusni Abdul Wahab, Nurhayati Baharudin


Despite the increasing usage of automated teller machine (ATM) and cash deposit machine (CDM) in transacting depositing and withdrawal activities within the financial institutions environment, still, the demand for counter teller services is deemed high for XYZ (not the real name) Malaysia. Indeed, switching the mode of transactions usage from counter teller services to ATM and CDM has become the greatest challenge for XYZ Malaysia. The research was developed to cover both of the factors, the counter teller usage, and ATM and CDM usage. However, in this part of the paper only ATM and CDM services issue will be discussed. In this study, a quantitate model of research was developed to determine (1) the enticing factors for depositors to use ATM and CDM Services, (2) the repelling factors and NOT to use Counter Teller Services, and; (3) the relationship between the enticing factors and repelling factors with the preferences of depositors towards ATM and CDM Services. This study investigates the relationship between the dimensions on the ATM and CDM usage. A survey instrument was used to gather data to estimate the proposed research model. Based on the findings, factors relate to range of services and conveniently located and accessible by depositors in performing their ATM and CDM transactions give the highest contribution towards the usage of ATM and CDM. Indeed, this research is giving some highlights in the acceleration of ATM/CDM usage within the business environment of XYZ.

Keywords: Counter teller service, Automated teller service, Depositor