Consumer Satisfaction of Alipay as the Market Leader of Mobile Payment in China

Bernard Lim Jit Heng
Centre for University of Hertfordshire Programmes, Inti International College Subang

Phuah Kit Teng
Department of Marketing, Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong Abdullah
Faculty of Business, Communication and Law, Inti International University


Most business transactions are utilising mobile payments for the convenience of their consumers. This evolution encourages more mobile payment providers to emerge in China. As such, China’s own payment provider such as Alipay is facing stiff competition from its competitors. This prompts the question of whether its consumers are satisfied with the current services offered. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to test the consumer satisfaction for Alipay in China using the revised Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). A total of 552 questionnaires were collected and analysed using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). Several variables in the revised TAM such as perceived trust, perceived ease of use, and perceived service quality were used to measure consumer satisfaction for Alipay. The specified variables were found to be relevant in measuring their satisfaction for Alipay services. The findings from this research paper will help to enhance Alipay’s competitiveness by exploring further into areas of improvement and maintaining its status as the market leader.

Keywords: Customer satisfaction, Mobile payment, Service quality, Structural equation modelling, Technology acceptance model