Volume 25 (S1), 2020






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Effect of Student Eating Habits and Implication towards their Health 1 Khairunesa Isa, Sarala Thulasi Palpanadan
2. Consumer Protection of False Halal Logo and Misleading Representation under the Consumer Protection Act 1999 14 Nasihah. N, Elistina, A. B, Afida Mastura, M.A
3. Personal and Environmental Determinants of Consumer Legal Literacy among Malaysian Consumers 27 Norhafifah Samsudin, Elistina Abu Bakar, Zuroni Md Jusoh, Afida Mastura Muhammad Arif
4. Barriers to Consumer Self-Protection in the Moneylending Decision Process in Klang Valley, Malaysia 41 Daljit Kaur Sandhu, Afida Mastura Muhammad Arif, Elistina Abu Bakar, Husniyah Abd.Rahim
5. The Determinants of Intention to Practise Solid Waste Segregation-at-Source among Selangor Households 67 Kai Wah Cheng, Syuhaily Osman, Zuroni Md Jusoh, Jasmine Leby Lau
6. Determinants of Self-Protection Practices in Online Shopping Among the Students of Higher Education Institutions, Malaysia 91 Nurul Atikaf Daud, Afida Mastura Muhammad Arif, Elistina Abu Bakar, Syuhaily Osman
7. A Systematic Review of 10 Years of Empirical Studies on Organic Food Consumption among Malaysian Consumers 111 Nur Aqilah Amalina Jaafar, Norhasmah Sulaiman, Mohd Redzwan Sabran, Shamsul Azahari Zainal Badari
8. Factors Influencing Group Farmers’ Behaviour Towards Safe Pesticide Use in Malaysia 135 Nyak Nur Hamida Nyak Hashim, Roslina Mat Salleh, Syuhaily Osman, Zuroni Md. Jusoh
9. Psychological Factors Contributing towards Financial Problem among Civil Service Sector Employees 148 Husniyah, A. R, Amirah Shazana, M., Mohamad Fazli, S., Mohd. Amim, O., Roziah, M. R
10. The Mediating Role of Purchase Intention towards the Actual Purchase Behaviour of Halal Bakery Product among Consumers in Petaling district, Selangor 172 Nurzulain Zulkfli, Zuraini Mat Issa, Norhidayah Abdullah
11. Unlocking the Point of Interest in Muslimah Fashion Advertisement: Evidence from Gaze Plot and Time to First Fixation Eye Tracker Analysis 187 Rosidah Musa, Janiffa Saidon, Noreldzaihan Mohd Rais

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