Vol 24 (S1) 2020






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Electronic Word-of-Mouth (eWOM) and User-Generated Content (UGC) on Beauty Products on YouTube:  Factors Affecting Consumer Attitudes and Purchase Intention 1 Mazzini Muda, Noor Rita Mohamed Khan
2. Factorial Structure and Psychometric Evaluation of Islamic Retail Experiential Value Scale and Total Islamic Experience Quality 23 Rosidah Musa, Syaharizah Abdul Aziz, Janiffa Saidon
3. Hypothesising the Effect of Social Media Influencer Roles, Credibility and Advertising Values on Attitude and Brand Love 39 Nor Azri Sharizal Abu Bakar, Rosidah Musa
4 The Mediating Effect of Customer Satisfaction on the Relationship between Marketing Mix and Customer Loyalty in Mobile Phone Services Industry 52 Mohd. Khirzan Badzli A. Rahman, Siti Asiah Md Shahid, Rozita Naina Mohamed, Nur Najjah Abd Rahim, Felina Felise Fuza Hamdan, Azuati Binti Mahmud
5. Residents and Community Interpretation of, and Participation in Socio-cultural Awareness Activities of Tourism Environmental Conservation in Langkawi 70 Muhammad Azizan, Azila Azmi, Nor Asmalina Mohd Anuar
6. Are Malaysian Organizations Ready to Be Digitalize? Lesson Learned on Digital Resources Implementation 89 Roozita Maskun, Rosidah Musa, Janiffa Saidon
7. The Relationship Between University Entrepreneurial Agenda and Student’s Intention to Be an Entrepreneur: Moderating Student’s Commitment 104 Muhammad Izwan Mohd Badrillah, Nor Hidayah Muhamad Yusuf, Rudzi Munap, Nor Farizan Tarudin, Tengku Nurul Aishah Tengku Aziz
8. Alternative-based Funding Model and Resource Dependency Theory: Perspectives of Malaysian Non-Government Organisations 123 Azzarina Zakaria, Nurliana Zahira Zaharrudin
9. Elements Influencing Students’ Selection of International Universities for Higher Studies on Scale of Hedonic and Utilitarian Value 137 M. Awais Mehmood, Faisal Aftab, Hamza Javaid, Hoda Mahmoud AboAlsamh, Ibrahim Tawfeeq Alsedrah
10. Organisational Justice and Its Implications on Non-Academic Staff Intention to Stay: Evidence from Private Higher Learning Institutions in Malaysia 153 Siti Asiah Md Shahid, Shariff Harun, Abdul Kadir Othman, Syahrina Hayati Md Jani, Mohd Khirzan Badzli A Rahman, Rozita Naina Mohamed
11. A Rudimentary Study on The Intangible Resources’ Roles in Inducing Micro Multinationals En Route For Internationalization Success 169 Shamsul Baharin Saihani
12. Innovation in Business with Social Cohesion and Interpersonal Trust 196 Wan Edura Wan Rashid, Norfadzilah Abd Razak, Saunah Zainon
13. The Moderating Roles of Organizational Commitment on the Relationship between Quality of Work Life and Turnover Intention among Call Center Employees 208 Narehan Hassan, Nur Munirah Wan Mazlan, Mazuin Mat Halif, Shereen Noranee, Noor Zalina Zaina
14. Social Support as Predictor Towards Occupational Stress Among Employees in Major Telecommunication Companies in Malaysia 229 Mazuin Mat Halif, Narehan Hassan, Mohd Taufiq Saini, Nur Athirah Sumardi, Shereen Noranee, Noor Zalina Zaina
15. Hypothesised Model of Determinants and Consequences of Social Media Content Marketing Experience Quality (Smcmeq) in Muslimah Fashion Advertisement 247 Rosidah Musa, Nur Syakirah Ahmad, Janiffa Saidon
16. Foreign Direct Investment Learning of the Productivity in Chinese Regional Economy 262 Yonghun Jung, Seong-Hoon Lee

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