Vol 23, 2019






1. Modelling the Effects of Statistical Process Control Implementation on Halal Cosmetics Products 1 Rosita Husain, S.Sarifah Radiah Shariff, Siti Meriam Zahari
2. Factors Modelling of Civil Servants’ Environment Conservation Behaviour using Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Factors 23 Cheam Chai Li, Azyanee Luqman, Muhammad Faishal bin Ishak
3. The Relationship between Social Media and Customer Engagement among Social Media Users 47 Abdul Kadir Othman, Aiza Azmi, Nurul Hazirah Zainol, Nurul Nadhira Amalin Azhari, Siti Amirah Mohd Azman, Nur Najjah Abd Rahim, Felina Felise Fuza Hamdan, Azuati Mahmud
4. Consumer Satisfaction of Alipay as the Market Leader of Mobile Payment in China 68 Bernard Lim Jit Heng, Phuah Kit Teng, Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong Abdullah
5. The Determinants and Impact of System Usage and Satisfaction on E-learning Success and Faculty-Student Interaction in Indonesian Private Universities 85 Matrissya Hermita, Farida, Eko Sri Margianti, Robie Fanreza
6. Perception of Direct-To-Consumer Pharmaceutical Drug Advertising in Nigeria 100 Kolade Ajilore, Omolola T. Ojo, Kevin Onyenankeya
7. Social Media Addiction: Role of Web and Digital Experience on Buying Decision Intention and the Moderating Effect of Consumer Review 123 Nina Farisha Isa, Noor Akma Mohd Salleh, Azmin Azliza Aziz
8. Green Purchase Behavior: A Study on Malaysian and Chinese Millennials 149 Soo-Cheng Chuah, Jiang Lu

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