Vol. 22 (S1) 2019




VOL. & NO.



1. Intergenerational Social Economic Mobility Among Rubber Tappers in Baling, Malaysia Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Peck-Leong Tan, Zakinan Nawaz S.H. Sahul Hamid, Norlida Abdul Hamid
2. The Impact of Safety Climate on Malaysian Seafarers’ Safety Performance: A Pilot Study Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Suzanna Razali Chan, Norlida Abdul Hamid and Kasypi Mokhtar  
3. Determinants of Investment Performance: Evidence from the Islamic and Conventional Insurance Companies in Malaysia Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Noryati Ahmad, Wan Evva Wan Suriea and Ummu Naziha Mohd Ariffin
4. Drivers and Challenges of an NGO Type Social Enterprise in Malaysia: A Narrative Study Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Ummu Kolsome Farouk and Mok Siew Wing
5. The Moderating Role of Price Sensitivity and Social Norm in Understanding Customer Loyalty Among Passengers of Low-Cost Carrier in Malaysia Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Zulkiffly Abd.Aziz, Norlida Abdul Hamid and Rosmimah Mohd Roslin
6. Ecologically conscious buying behaviour of organic products: A quantitative study in Thimpu, Bhutan Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Chimi Yangzom and Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh
7. Do Malaysian Consumers Participation Behaviour Lead to Attitudinal Loyalty in Spa & Wellness Services?  Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Narizan Abdullah and Norzalita Abd Aziz
8. Financing Activities: Peril or Prosperity? Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Wahida Ahmad and Nur Hazimah Amran
9. Enhancing SMEs Employees’ Intention on Innovative Behavior: The Role of Self- Efficacy, Thriving and Perceived Behavioral Control Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Rosmelisa Yusof, Serene Ng Siew Imm, Ho Jo Ann and Azmawani Abd Rahman
 10. Building Students’ Loyalty Through Superior University Entities Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Nafiza Mahayuddin, Mazni Saad, Wan Nurul Fatimah, Aznita Ahmad and Mohd Hanafi Azman Ong
 11. Store Image Attributes and Customer Satisfaction of Convenience Store and Implications on Retail Innovation: The Malaysian Shopper Experience Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Boon Chui Teo, Khairun Najwa Bt Ahmad Rathi and Siti Nor Syahirah Bt Mohd Saidi
 12. The Adoption of Socially Responsible Investments: Gen-Y Perspectives Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 ‘Ismah Osman, Geetha Subramaniam, Saadiah Mohamad, Azlina Hanif, Faridah Hassan and Salmiza Yaakob
 13. Competition in Digital Economy: Fate of Consumer Welfare in Malaysia Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Angayar Kanni Ramaiah
 14. Eye Cannot Lie! Validating Effectiveness of Muslimah Fashion Brand Content Marketing: Evidence from Eye Tracker Data Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Rosidah Musa, Janiffa Saidon and Nur Syakirah Ahmad
 15. The Effect of Teaching Methods and Learning Motivation on Accounting Learning Achievement in Terms of Student Perceptions  Vol. 22 (S1), 2019 Reschiwati and Mustanwir Zuhri

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