Vol 21 (S2), 2018






VOL. & NO.



1. Classification of Plant and Animal-Based Glycerin by Using ATR-FTIR: A Rapid Screening Tool Applicable for Halal Cosmetics Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Kunthira Salae, Sukrit Sirikwanpong, Sathaporn Ngamukote, Kasinee Katelakha, Vanida Nopponpunth and Winai Dahlan
2. The Journey of Halal Tourism Marketing in Two Neighboring Destinations Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Aam Bastaman and Faridah Hj. Hassan  
3. Communicating Shari’ah-Compliant Brands of Tourism in Malaysia Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Faruk Ahmed, Ahasanul Haque, Kalthom Abdullah and Siti Salwani Razali
4. The Prospect of Outerwear as Modern Office Wear For Muslim Women Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Pingki Indrianti and Oki Kurniawan
5. Islamic Leadership and Employee Engagement Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Faten Nasrah Mohamad Naser, Erne Suzila Kassim and Sharifah Fazirah Syed Ahmad
6. Determinants Of Demand For Islamic Banking Services: A Survey On Moslem Public Servants In Indonesia Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Ni Nyoman Sawitri and Erie Febrian
7. The Influence of Risk Management and Firm Size Towards Profitability of Islamic Banks in Indonesia Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Shafira Yustianita and Purwanto
8. Inheritance Management : Challenges and Opportunities of Shariah Financial Institutions Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Slamet Riyadi Bisri
9. Determinants of Intellectual Capital Disclosure : Evidence from Shari’ah Listed Companies Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Masturah Ma’in, Wani Najibah Ibrahim, ‘Ismah Osman and Balkis Harris
 10. Exploring the Contemporary Design Concept of Emerging Muslim Designers of Sarawak: Tapping into the Non-Muslims Market Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Sharifah Suzanna Wan Shukran, Aiza Johari and Azlina Bujang
 11. Optimization of Lard Compound Analysis using Portable Electronic Nose Based upon Response Surface Methodology Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Nurul Asyikeen Ab. Mutalib, Irwandi Jaswir, Rini Akmeliawati, Marsad Latief, and Fitri Octavianti, and Hassan Alkahthani
 12. The Risks of Consuming Haram Food From Medical Perspectives Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Muhammad Yanis Musdja
 13. Halal Lifestyle Industry, High Growth and Attractive Investment in Indonesia Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Sapta Nirwandar
 14. Incorporating Institutional Theory of Corporate Image Towards Customer Loyalty of Islamic banks Vol. 21 (S2), 2018 Ismah Osman, Kalthom Abdullah, Nurdianawati Irwani Abdullah, Ahasanul Haque and Mohsin Abder Rahman


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