Vol 21 Special Edition 1 2018





VOL. & NO.



1. The Mediation Effect of Customer Satisfaction on the Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Loyalty in Telecommunication Industry. Vol. 21 (S1) , 2018 Mohd Khirzan Badzli A Rahman, Abdul Kadir Othman, Che Hanisah Che Hamzah, Siti Asiah Md Shahid & Rozita Naina Mohamed
2. The Influences of Brand Equity On Consumers’ Perception: A Case Study On Beko. Vol. 21 (S1), 2018 Lau Shu Chui & Roslan Mohd Rose  
3. Measuring Service Quality of Fast Food Restaurant: What Matters Most To Malaysian Gen-Y Consumers? Vol. 21 (S1), 2018  Siti Zaleha Sahak, Amnah Mohamad, Maizura Abdul Samad & Aina Mardhiah Ahmad Faizul
4. An Exploration Of Tourists Out-Shopping Experience In Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Vol. 21 (S1), 2018 Azila Azmi, Noor Amy Halida Zolkopli, Saiful Bahri Mohd Kamal & Dahlan Abdullah
5. Perceived Website Interactivity, Perceived Usefulness And Online Hotel Booking Intention: A Structural Model. Vol. 21 (S1), 2018 Dahlan Abdullah, Saiful Bahri Mohd Kamal, Azila Azmi, Johanudin Lahap, Khairil Anuar Bahar I & Norrina Din
6.  The Influence Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty In TMpoint In Malaysia. Vol. 21(S1), 2018 Noor Azlina Mohamed Yunus, Maimunah Mohd Shah, Norol Hamiza Zamzuri Rozilah Abdul Aziz & Idaya Husna Mohd
7. Individual Market Orientation and Its Implications On Job Performance: Does Sense of Togetherness Matters? Vol. 21 (S1), 2018 Muhammad Iskandar Hamzah, Abdul Kadir Othman, Faridah Hassan, Rosidah Musa & Mohd Zulkifli Abdullah
8. Homestay Resources, Marketing Capability and Homestay Performance: A Study among Homestay Operators in Sabah and Sarawak. Vol. 21 (S1), 2018 Cynthia Robert Dawayan, Stephen Laison Sondoh Jr, Geoffrey Harvey Tanakinjal, Sorayah Nasip & Bonaventure Boniface
9. Examining E-Voting Intention in an Emerging Nation: Towards a Unified View. Vol. 21 (S1), 2018 Norazah Mohd Suki & Norbayah Mohd Suki
 10. Job embeddedness and retention: a study among teachers in private Islamic schools in Malaysia. Vol. 21 (S1), 2018 Nurita Juhdi, Junaidah Hashim & Rozailin Abdul Rahman
 11. Exploring the Understanding, Role and Participation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on Digital Economy in Malaysia. Vol. 21 (S1), 2018 Maya Puspa Rahman & Nurfatihah Senusi

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