Vol. 20 (S1), 2017



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1. Consumer protection in Islam Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Hamidah Ayob
2. Understanding the concept of halal for muslim and its impact on the tourism industry Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Majdah Zawawi, Noriah Ramli, Syarafina Zaki Nublan Zaki
3. Complying to Shari’ah Principles in Tourism and Hospitality Services Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Afridah, Abas Noriah Ramli, Noor Najihah Mohd Daud
4. Shariah compliance Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Majdah Zawawi, Noriah Ramli
5. The concept of halal Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Roshana Shirin Asa, Ida Madieha Abdul Ghani Azmi
6. Food service managment Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Noriah Ramli
7. Protection for Intangible Cultural Heritage as a Viable Tourist Product after Proofreading Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Sharafani Zaky Nublan Zaky, Ida Madieha Abdul Ghani Azmi
8. Role of local autghorities in promoting muslim friendly sport facilities Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Muhammad Irhammudin Ibrahim
9. Shari’ah Compliant Spa Practices In Malaysia Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Siti Farah Aliya Abdul Halim, Farah Ayuni Mohd Hatta
10. Shari’ah Compliant Healthcare Services In Malaysia Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Majdah Zawawi, Khadijah Othman
11 Healthcare Services – Halal Pharmaceutical In Malaysia, Issues And Challenges Vol. 20 (S1), 2017 Noriah Ramli, Naemah Amin, Madjah Zawawi, Norazlina abdul Aziz
Muka dalam S1 2017 Vol. 20 (S1), 2017
Muka depan special ogos 2017 Vol. 20 (S1), 2017
Cover dalam depan special 1 2017 Vol. 20 (S1), 2017
Contributors 2017 S1 Vol. 20 (S1), 2017
Cover vol. 20 Vol. 20 (S1), 2017
Preface 2017 S1 Vol. 20 (S1), 2017
Instructions to authors 2017 S1 Vol. 20 (S1), 2017

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