Vol. 19, 2016



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 1. A Study on the Financial Consumer Protection in Malaysia with Specific Reference to the Financial Services Act 2013  Vol. 19, 2016  Ibtisam @ Ilyana Ilias and Naemah Amin
 2. Consumers’ Awareness and Practices Towards ‘Exclusion Clause’ and Its Position Under Malaysian Law  Vol. 19, 2016  Elistina Abu Bakar and Naemah Amin  
 3. Determinants of Employee Perception on Financial Well-Being in Putrajaya  Vol. 19, 2016  Nuradibah Mokhtar and Husniyah Abd. Rahim  
 4. Factors Affecting Retirement Confidence among Women in Peninsular Malaysia Government Sectors  Vol. 19, 2016  Teo Tze Juen and Mohamad Fazli Sabr  
 5. Kajian Perhubungan antara Identiti Diri dengan Norma Subjektif terhadap Tingkah Laku Sisa Sifar dalam Kalangan Pengguna di Lembah Klang  Vol. 19, 2016  Fazlina Akmal Mustafa, Afida Mastura Muhammad Arif dan Elistina Abu Bakar  
 6. Giving Behaviour: Who Donates Cash Waqf?  Vol. 19, 2016  Syadiyah Abdul Shukor, Intan Fatimah Anwar, Hisham Sabri, Sumaiyah Abd Aziz and Avylin Roziana Mohd Ariffin  
 7. Gold Investment Intention among Urban Public Sector Employees in Malaysia  Vol. 19, 2016  Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Wahab, Husniyah Abdul Rahim, Mohamad Fazli Sabri, Mohd. Amim Othman and Roziah Mohd. Rasdi  
 8.  Low-Hanging Fruits: Impact of Socio-Economic and Behavioural Characteristics on Consumers’ Willingness to Pay  Vol. 19, 2016  Norzalina Zainudin, Chamhuri Siwar, Er Ah Choy and Norshamliza Chamhuri  
 9. The Effect of Recover Satisfaction, Severity and Psychological Contract Violation Toward Boycott in Halal Violation Incident  Vol. 19, 2016  Nor Asiah Omar, Nordiana Ahmad Nordin and Muhamad Azrin Nazr  
 10. Mediating Effect of Self-Coping Mechanisms on Associations Between Financial Practices and Financial Security of Female-Headed Households  Vol. 19, 2016  Siti Yuliandi Ahmad, Mohamad Fazli Sabri, Husniyah Abd Rahim and Syuhaily Osman  

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