How to become a freelancer in this company.

All freelancers want to be in demand, have the highest rating and fulfill expensive orders. This is possible on the site of, which has been afloat for many years.

They hire qualified employees. After registration, you need to fill out your portfolio, describe your work experience, your specialization, and specify data. Then you need to pass tests and exams. These procedures are necessary in order to understand how professional a person is and knows the language. This is how the system filters out inappropriate users. Next, you need to improve your rating, due to high-quality orders. This is how the performer’s rating will grow, which of course will play a positive role in their work in the future. After all, the customer, when choosing a performer, first of all, relies on reviews and the author’s portfolio.

Creating a portfolio.

The portfolio reflects all the work behind the author, his reputation and experience. If the client sees it as worthy, then of course they will choose this performer. You can update your portfolio, which is only a plus for a freelancer.

Striving to develop

The company recruits the most advanced and responsible freelancers, which affects positive reviews. This may be not only the impact of past sites and their reputation, but also the ability of a person to be responsible and not be afraid of serious orders. A freelancer should not be afraid to take heavy orders, because they only increase the writing skill. If you constantly perform the same type of boring orders, it will not lead to a large increase.

The exchange offers vacancies related to writing articles and documents: copywriter and rewriter.

Simply put, a copywriter is someone who writes their own article as the customer tells them. The rewriter also makes the finished text as unique as possible.

Freelancers who want to stay high in the ranking, it is better to buy a PRO account, so that the author’s rating increases and he is chosen as a performer more often.

The freelance exchange is a reputable exchange on the market. Over the years, it has developed a large audience from many countries. It provides all the services for all clients, whether it is a performer or a customer.

Getting started with the customer.

Students are in high demand in this category. They are written for: term papers, theses and abstracts. To create an order, you need to pass a simple registration, enter your personal data and proceed with the order itself. In the order, you need to specify the technical task, the amount of work (number of characters/pages, and so on), and the delivery time of the order. Then your account will write off the money in the lock, after successful completion of a contractor, the money will be transferred to him.

Technical support.

It works around the clock 24/7. You can contact us in all convenient ways: write in the dialog box on the site, leave a request for a call, leave a request for a response to the email. The most convenient method is the first, since you do not need to log out of the site. The support service works properly and answers all questions almost instantly.

Freelance exchange is a good platform for professionals in their field. Based on this, it is very useful to customers, because when working with responsible and qualified specialists, orders are obtained with high quality and the customer himself is satisfied. Among the offered professions, each author will find their own and will improve their writing skills. Thereby improving your portfolio and rating. This is how they become the best freelancers. Such exchanges usually give a boost to all authors.

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